• Spiced Chocolate Party Shots

    Spiced Chocolate Party Shots

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    What could be more fabulous than a holiday fête kicked off with a shot of Spiced Hot Chocolate? AMERICAN HERITAGE®Chocolate Drink is prepared with equal parts finely grated chocolate and steaming water. And check out our DIY swizzle sticks. Simply stunning!

    Makes 1 serving.

    Step 1

    To enjoy this authentic beverage, vigorously mix equal parts chocolate and near boiling water until the chocolate has completely melted. Adjust the amount of water for taste and consistency.

    Step 2

    To make our DIY Swizzle Sticks, simply cut bamboo sticks down to your desired size. Apply a dab of your favorite crafting adhesive to one end of the bamboo stick and slide a decorative bead into place. Decorative beads and crafting adhesive can both be found at your local craft shop.

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